Some updates

I forgot to post the video that I did in Late November on the RetroPi NES Cartridge that I made. So, please go and check that out. Things have been kind of quiet lately due to the holidays but I am working on putting together a few different videos that I plan on posting in the near future. One will be about a new 3D printer that I’m getting this week. I also have another Commodore 64 video in the works as well as one on a Casio synth that I picked up on Ebay. Please follow me over on Youtube if you want to stay up to date on those things.

Tron Lego

I finally uploaded a video after an extremely long hiatus. I decided that I’m going to use my Youtube channel to post videos about a number of different geeky things that I do. This first one is about the Tron Lego kit that I finally got to build.

Finally getting back to things

After taking a long time off with moving to a new house as well as trying to decide what direction I wanted to go in, I can finally say that new content will be arriving soon! Much of this will be done via my Youtube channel but I’m also looking into doing some streaming via Twitch. Once things are truly back in motion, I’ll post an update about what’s going on.

A Little More Fleshed Out

Now, most of my blogging and such is done on social media these days since that’s generally where the people are. So, I don’t expect to do a ton of blogging on this website in the near future. If I post an update, it’ll mostly be about something changing on the website or a particular article of feature being added. I recently fleshed things out a bit more and condensed things a bit. I think I’m rather happy with how things are now and I find it’s something I can point people to if they want to find out where I am on the internets. EOL