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Finally getting back to things

After taking a long time off with moving to a new house as well as trying to decide what direction I wanted to go in, I can finally say that new content will be arriving soon! Much of this will be done via my Youtube channel but I’m also looking into doing some streaming via Twitch. Once things are truly back in motion, I’ll post an update about what’s going on.

A New Home

I finally started rebuilding this website! There’s not much here yet but I’m hoping to add back a little bit of the old content I previous had whenever possible. Since the old sit was heavily infected with malware, I’m having to sift through the SQL database to find various posts that I want to bring back. It’s definitely going to take quite a bit of time to do all of that and it’s something that I’ll be doing in my spare time. The first thing that I’ve posted is an archive of all the old BS/OD comics in one PDF file. You can find that in the Arts section. That’s all for now! EOL